Dog Tag necklace


Dog Tag Necklace featuring a Pewter Australian animal. Crafted from durable stainless steel, customize it with engravings and enjoy its sleek design with an 82cm ball chain for a versatile accessory.

Engrave this stainless steel dog tag with names, dates, special messages, or symbols. Stainless steel dog tags with 82cm ball chain which is a 40cm drop.

  • Pewter Wombat ~ ‘Fast and Unstoppable’ the spirit of swiftness and determination.
  • Pewter Crocodile ~ ‘Snappy when Aroused’ is perfect for the clever, creative soul.
  • Pewter Kangaroo ~ ‘Powerful & Muscular’  You can defeat anything that life puts in front of you
  • Pewter Koala ~ ‘Sleepy and Cuddly’ for the laid-back & relaxed generally solitary being.
  • Pewter Tree frog ~ ‘Adventurous and Poetic’ A proud quiet achiever. Show the world how you shine
  • Pewter Tasmanian Devil ~ ‘Wild and Devilish’ a survivor, passionate and resilient
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Dog Tag featuring an Australian animal
Dog Tag necklace
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