Welcome to my world of stylish and comfortable mix-n-match clothing, proudly crafted right here in beautiful Australia. Every piece is thoughtfully designed to ensure both fashion and comfort are perfectly balanced. 
I personally hand-pattern each scarf, ensuring a unique and special touch in every piece. When it comes to my jewellery and gifts, I take pride in the fact that each piece is carefully crafted by my own hands.

My aim is to make your life simpler by providing you with super stylish mix-n-match comfort clothing and gift items that are a thoughtfully designed and little bit quirky.
You’ll find me working from my cozy studio in the picturesque Redlands, Brisbane. Step into a realm of fashion and creativity, where every item tells a story.
I can’t wait to welcome you!


Hi, I’m Colleen Smith, an experimental artisan. Which means I love creating beautiful things with my hands using many different techniques, some have been done before and others have not. That is the best part of the creative journey!

As a little girl, I had a vivid imagination and a dream of running my own business. This early entrepreneurial spirit ignited a passion within me that would
continue to burn brightly throughout my life.

After pursuing a business course and gaining experience running a stall at the South Bank markets, where I showcased the work of other talented individuals,
I had a realization. My true calling was to create and sell my own products and bring my unique vision to life.

In 2009, after the passing of my Dad I took a significant step towards turning my dreams into reality, and Mulboo – Clothing & Gifts was born.

His words will be with me forever. ” If you don’t do something now it will never happen” I will always be grateful to him for his encouragement to always be the best I could be regardless of the storm and Thankful to my Mum for showing me the importance of strength and determination.

I am deeply passionate about creating patterns and crafting visually captivating pieces. Each creation is a labor of love, individually handcrafted with care
and attention to detail. While I occasionally seek assistance, I am mostly the one running the show.
I take pride in the journey of discovery that each piece represents. It is exhilarating to witness the end result and see the vibrant colors and patterns come to life.

Nature has always been a great inspiration to me. I find beauty in the intricate patterns that surround us and strive to capture their energy and movement in my work. Celebrating vibrant colors while embracing the uniqueness of imperfection is at the heart of what I do.

My studio, nestled in the Redlands of Brisbane, is a haven for creativity. It’s a space where I pour my heart and soul into each creation and where I bring my creations to life. My range of work includes a selection of hand-dyed and hand-patterned scarves and clothing, digital art, art tile gift cards, thoughtful inspirational gifts and earthy, boho-inspired jewellery. 
Creating is my passion, and it’s a journey that continues to bring me joy and fulfillment.
I am grateful for the opportunity to share my creations with the world. 


“Mulboo” is an Aboriginal word meaning “Thunder” with its origins from the Kattang (Kutthung) language predominantly spoken among the Biripi people. 

I chose Mulboo for a business name in honour of my father, a proud Biripi man. For his encouragement to always be the best I could be regardless of the storm ..! His inspiration represents the ethos behind this business.

We encourage you to nurture the connection between generations.
We believe that understanding where we’ve come from helps us navigate where we’re heading.

With Mulboo ~ It’s O.K to be you!!