When I first set out on my business journey what I needed was a job, after being a stay at home Mum to raise two sons. I got the job but it was through my own business, Mulboo which I started after the passing of my Dad. I will always be grateful to him for his encouragement to always be the best I could be regardless of the storm and Thankful to my Mum for showing me the importance of strength and determination.

I am passionate about creating funky visual stuff. What I do is all Individually handcrafted. Sometimes I need a little help but mostly it’s me running the show.

Each piece I create is a journey of discovery. It’s always exciting to see the end result. I love nature and always look past the obvious focusing on the patterns that nature creates around us. My aim is to capture the energy in those patterns that surrounds me and reflect a sense of movement in each piece I create. All the time celebrating vibrant colour while ensuring that each piece is uniquely imperfect.

My work includes hand dyed/hand patterned scarves and clothing, digital art, art tile gift cards and beautifully vibrant earthy boho jewellery (I use stainless steel in all my jewellery to address any possible allergy issues)

ABOUT Mulboo

“Mulboo” is an Aboriginal word meaning “Thunder” with its origins from the Kattang (Kutthung) language predominantly spoken among the Biripi people. 


I chose Mulboo for a business name in honour of my father, a proud Biripi man. For his encouragement to always be the best I could be regardless of the storm ..! His inspiration represents the ethos behind this business.

We encourage you to nurture the connection between generations. We believe that understanding where we’ve come from helps us navigate where we’re heading.


When it comes to refreshing and fun merchandise, you’ve come to the right place. Mulboo is an online clothing & gifts shop where we take pride in offering exclusive, high quality products that are simultaneously trendy and unique. From hand-made t-shirts to multi-colored accessories, our brand is perfectly suited to combine stylishness with creativity.

We provide distinctive and artistic clothing and accessories for men and women that will elevate your style to a whole new level – or you can check out our amazing selection of gift-ready goodies to present to friends and family instead. No matter what you buy, here at Mulboo we guarantee excellence.

Run, operated, designed and made independently in Australia, Mulboo’s mission is to create the most beautiful quality products imaginable. We pride ourselves on the comfortability and functionality of our clothing, as well as the one-of-a-kind qualities that our accessories and gifts boast. Through a strong work ethic, Mulboo is able to live up to a high-quality standard while still expressing eccentricity and creativity.

Whether you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your closet or want to accessorize a pre-existing style, here at Mulboo, our top priority is customer satisfaction. As we expand our growing inventory, we hope that you’ll browse our products and feel the good vibes that each item is infused with.

We aim to bring you styles that help you express your inner creativity while looking amazing doing it. From one hard-working Australian to your doorstep, this is what Mulboo is all about. Thank you for looking, and please don’t hesitate to reach out for any questions or comments you may have!

With Mulboo ~ It’s O.K to be you!!