A Wardrobe Essential for Women

Wardrobe Essentials 101: Women’s Wide-Leg Travelling Pants That Fit Fabulously

I hope you’ve been enjoying this series on wardrobe essentials to help you create a wardrobe that’s you, stylish yet comfortable enough for everyday wear.

So far, we’ve talked about workwear and the classic white shirt and how to style them with ease.

Today, let’s look at another wardrobe essential for the older woman. The wide-legged travelling pants that fit fabulously, are great for hiding a multitude of sins and can go from boardroom to dinner party with equal ease. They’re comfy, look chic yet are casual without being sloppy.

Here’s 3 quick and easy ways to style and wear wide-leg pants:

1. Pair it with a Fitted Tee

You know we love our fitted t-shirts, right but pair them with the wide-legged pants and kaboom! You have a winner, right there. Pairing wide-legged or flared pants with a fitted tee helps to balance the overall look and sharpens the whole outfit instantly.

Don’t pair your wide-legged pants with a too long or too loose top. Also, if you’re wearing printed pants, pair them with a plain or solid coloured top and vice-versa.

2. Accentuate the Waist with a Belt

Adding a belt to your flared pants will not only glam it up a bit but also accentuate your waist if you’d like that, that is. Remember to stick a belt width that’s best for your body type. Pair this with a top to match.

Sling a slinky clutch, slip into your heels and… hello, classy chica!

3. Accessorise them with High Heels

Wide leg pants look gorgeous with high heels. Remember to keep the pants on the long side so that they skim or even, hide your heels.   Just pair this with a chunky silver or gold bracelet and easy style is made effortless!

Sneak trick: Keep a pair of comfy shoes in the car, so if you’re headed to the kids’ play date after work you can slip your achy feet into them!

Are you a fan of the wide-legged pants? Do you reach for them every.single. day? Share with us in the comments below!!

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