Dress Up a White T-Shirt: 5 Ways to Rock the Classic Mum Must-Have

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The white t-shirt. Every mum has one {or a hundred!} of these wardrobe essentials.

It is the tee you throw on when you’re running late and need to reach school faster than ever.

It is the t-shirt that you reach for when you can’t think of what to wear.

It is the wardrobe essential that you can’t imagine life without.


Yet it sometimes seems too Mum-sy and you’d want to look more “you”.

Yet it sometimes seems so plain, boring and lacking personality.

And really, our clothes do reflect our personality and I doubt that any one of us is boring, plain or lacking personality. Right?

So, today in a brand-new series of posts on wardrobe essentials, let’s talk about how to dress up the classic white t-shirt, an Aussie essential, a mum must-have:

 1. Pair it With Vibrant Pants

Nothing is easier and more fashionable than pairing your classic white t-shirt with a pair of gorgeous, vibrant pants. Voila, style made simple. For instance, this fitted white t-shirt with a pair of stylish wide leg pants  in hot pink or electric blue will amp your style quotient without compromising on your comfort. Now that’s what looking awesome is all about!

2.Wear White on White

Yes, that’s right. White is one of those lovely colours, which looks great when used together. White t-shirt with a smart white pencil skirt or the white wide-leg pants screams chic. Pair it with a chunky gold necklace and pumps and you’re all set for an evening out!

3. Add a Splash of Colour with a Scarf

A bright, smart scarf is easy to pair with a white t-shirt and dress it up instantly. Simply drape it around your shoulders loosely or wrap it stylishly around your neck and ta-dah, you have an elegant outfit!

4. Blaze it Up it with a Blazer

Dress up the basic mum outfit of white t-shirts with blue jeans with a smartly cut blazer. A linen blazer for the hot summer days will work wonders as will a wool one for cold winters. Choose a darker colour for added contrast and you wouldn’t need anything else to look your stylish best.

5. Pump up the Style with a Bright Clutch

Accessories speak volumes and a bright vibrant clutch like this Miss Ruby metal clutch will look great slung off the shoulder and paired with say, black wide leg pants or a smart skirt.

How do you dress up your white t-shirt? What are your easy style tips for busy mums? Share with us in the comments!


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