Online clothes Shopping

Ahh.. Online clothes shopping.. how do I love thee, let me count the ways!

Well, am sure that made you either cringe or smile but my sentiment is simple- I think shopping for clothes online is the best thing since sliced bread. Period.


Read on!

1.Shopping for clothes without having to travel from the comfort of your home

I don’t know about you but I personally am not a huge fan of getting out of my house especially during hot summer days or bitterly cold winter days to go look for clothes. Instead, I’d rather be ensconced comfortably in my home, sipping on a beverage of my choice, surrounded by people I love while I shop for clothes at the time I want to. Blissful!

2.Shop without having to fight traffic or crowds

Visit a clothing store during the holidays or sale seasons and chances are you’ll never want to go shopping again. The crowds, the traffic, the stress of finding a parking spot, the queues, the wait times, not finding what you get. Ahh, just writing this is getting me stressed!

Instead, when I shop online, I don’t have to even take out my car keys let alone drive anywhere. All I need is my laptop and wallet and am set. Simple, easy, and even, fun!

3.Choose what you need at a price that suits you best

Can you imagine finding that perfect fitted t-shirt and then, going to 20 different stores to find the best price? Yeah, neither can I! That’s where online shopping gets even more awesome. You can look for bargains and deals with just a few clicks. Who doesn’t want that?!

4.Shop without having to deal with over-zealous or snob sales people

Ever dealt with a salesperson who meant well but was too nosy about your life? Or the one who treated you with disdain? I’m sure we all have. Luckily, when shopping online you don’t deal with a sales person. You choose what you want, how you want it and ta-dah be done with it!

5.Get amazing online-only deals and discounts

This is a favourite of mine. I love the fact that so many online stores offer great website-only discounts or subscriber-only specials.  By the way, Mulboo does that too, so make sure you’re signed up!

6.Save time and your sanity

Finally, all these reasons add up to the fact that shopping for clothes online is the best thing you can do to save time, sanity and of course, some money too! Told you, it is the best thing since sliced bread, didn’t I? Want to really make the most of it?  Here are our tips on how to enjoy the online shopping experience more than ever!

Do YOU love shopping for clothes online too? What are YOUR reasons? Share with me in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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