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Online clothes shopping has pretty much changed the way women and men shop for clothes. No longer do you have to drive an hour or longer to reach a store, hunt for parking, deal with snarky or pushy sales clerks and then, wait in queue at the trial room. And this is should you find something you want.

Now, with the clicks of a few keys on your laptop, you’re done with shopping for clothes for yourself or family members. If you were to ask me, I’d say it is pretty much the only way to shop!

However, we all hear about online shopping nightmares as well.

Clothes arriving in the wrong colour or worse, size.

A package that never reaches.

Not to mention, not being able to find something that you like. Yes, too much choice can be a bad thing!

So, here are some of our favourite tips to make shopping for clothes online easy-peasy and fun:

1.Always Check a Store’s Return and Refund Policies

One of the things I always do before ordering something online from a store for the first time is check their return and refund policies.

 “What can one expect if the package is lost in transit?”

“How would packages be delivered?”

“What does one do if the wrong size or colour is sent?”

Yes, a store that values its customers will have these policies clearly outlined and more importantly, will stand by them.

Can’t find return policies? Click away as fast as you can!

2.Use the Search Function to Find What You Need… Quickly

If you’re shopping at a boutique like, Mulboo you may not always need a search  function since our offerings are handpicked and it is easy to just look for what you need by clicking the categories. However, larger online clothes shopping sites must have a search function to make it super easy and fast for you to find that perfect little black dress or yoga pants!

Sign up to a Store’s Newsletter and Save Big

Online stores give you the chance to save and get specials and exclusive offers when you sign up to their newsletter. Ahem, make sure you’re signed up to ours!

The added benefit of this is that you don’t have to keep checking a website to see when you favourite t-shirt is back in stock. You’ll get it straight in your email inbox. I think that’s pretty cool!

Check Reviews and Feedback

Always, always check reviews either on the store site or using Google to find out how other shoppers rate the site and the shopping experience. Again, especially true if you’re shopping with a store for the first time!

3.Connect with the Store on Social Media

Online clothes shopping is a lot like going clothes-hunting with friends. You can swap stories, share feedback and give tips to each other. That’s right. Connect with a store on it’s Facebook page {we are right here!} or Twitter, Pinterest or any other network and you’ll be amazed at the community that surrounds you.  Plus, it will give you yet another chance to connect with the business should you need help with a product or after-sales assistance.

What do YOU like best about shopping for clothes online? Share with me in the comments!



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