Lord Howe Island – A Must See Destination!

Imagine yourself lying on a golden sandy beach, sipping cocktails, the bright blue waters crashing in front of you while the clear sky opens the heavens above.

There are thousands of amazing places to visit in Australia, but some of the best places to go are the least known –whether they are a small country town where you can really experience the “outback” or a tropical beach that tourists just don’t know about.

Less than two hours flight from Brisbane or Sydney lies one of these amazing destinations, where crystal waters meet golden sands, and with a limit of 400 people at one time on the island – there is no chance of overcrowding.

Lord Howe Island 2

Lord Howe Island is rich in history and is listed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage list for its natural beauty and heritage.

Prior to European discover in 1788, it appears the island was unknown to the Polynesian people and it wasn’t until a convict ship on its way from Sydney to Norfolk Island discovered it, that the island was put on the map and claimed as British territory; which is how it remained until 1855 when it was passed to New South Wales.

The population is around 350 people and the island has accommodated more than six generations of settlers (hailing from European and American whaling ships).

Lord Howe Island 3

Lord Howe Island is a timeless, natural paradise, with a crystal lagoon bordered by the world’s most southern coral reef. It’s a fantastic place to relax or choose your own adventure, with a range of activities to suit everyone. If you don’t do anything else there but relax, you really mustn’t miss the opportunity to snorkel the lagoon and see tropical and sub-tropical fish, turtles and other marine life in their natural habitat.

Lord Howe Island – A Must See Destination!

You will not regret it. Lord Howe Island 4

Australia is a beautiful place to visit, but it’s having insider knowledge of the lesser known places that really makes the difference to any holiday.

          Stay tuned for more “must see” destinations coming up. Lord Howe Island 8

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