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Do you ponder the question, “What to wear” every day?

Does style mean complicated and time-consuming to you? Or something that only supermodels can pull together?

Well, I have help for you right here! Lovely everyday style tips and gift ideas for women who’re on-the-go, busy and well, just short on time!

1.Accessorize Easily

Accessories can make it very easy to brighten up an outfit or add a touch of style instantly. Whether it is pairing the perfect purse with a simple tunic-style dress or dressing up an everyday tee with a funky dog tag chain. Accessories can make all the difference easily and quickly!

Mulboo’s Gift Ideas for Women: Stylish, smart and Aussie-made accessories including dog tag chains, handbags make great gifts for all the women on your list.

2.Keep It Simple

However, it can be easy to get carried away and throw on a bunch of accessories that just confuse your whole look. So, keep it simple. Not more than one attention piece and try to keep the palette limited to two colours.

Simple is not only easier and quicker to put together but is also, safer and you’ll be more comfortable with your “look” as well!

Mulboo’s Gift Ideas for Women: A pair of wide leg pants in  solid colour like black or white is a great gift for busy women. Pair it with one of our fitted tees and you have a stylish present, easy-peasy!

3.Go for Natural and Nice

Everyday style should be just that, everyday. So keep makeup and hair natural and nice. If you have long hair, consider keeping hair back with a fashion headband or tying it up into a loose knot that goes well with both dresses and pants. Shorter hair can just be brushed out well and styled naturally.

Makeup can be light for the day with a dab of foundation, a hint of blush, some eyeliner and lipstick. Voila, you’re all set!

Mulboo’s Gift Ideas for Women: Our fashion headbands are handcrafted, 100% wool and really a great gift for women who love their style but want to keep it natural and simple.

4.Keep Basics at Hand

Every woman should have a few wardrobe staples, like a well-fitting t-shirt, a smart pair of pants, a dress that flatters, a stylish skirt and a comfortable yet well-fitted pair of jeans. Having these basics at hand will make it easy for you to pull together a smart and stylish outfit quickly. Pair it with accessories and that’s it!

Mulboo’s Gift Ideas for Women: The perfectly fitted t-shirt is a great gift for the women on your list. In breathable fabric and 5 gorgeous colours, it is a wardrobe must-have and great present!

What tips do YOU have for making style easy and effortless? Which ones of our picks are your favourites for Christmas gifts this year? Share with me in the comments!!


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