Explore Australia ~ places you must see!!!

Why not Explore Australia on your next holiday? We have been busy compiling an ‘Explore Australia’  list of a few places that may be of interest when your planning your next holiday!!! So, to you ‘our international visitor’ or to you our ‘buggered Aussie local’ yearning for a break? We decided that it was about time

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Lord Howe Island – A Must See Destination!

Lord Howe Island – A Must See Destination! Imagine yourself lying on a golden sandy beach, sipping cocktails, the bright blue waters crashing in front of you while the clear sky opens the heavens above. There are thousands of amazing places to visit in Australia, but some of the best places to go are the

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Billabong Sanctuary

The Billabong Sanctuary in North Queensland If you love animals, you will be drawn to “Australia’s best interactive wildlife sanctuary”       At the Billabong Sanctuary you can get up close and personal with more than 100 species of native Australian mammals, birds and reptiles. Located in North Queensland, 17km from Townsville, the Billabong

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Guards vs Convicts – A Stunning Security Link In Tasmania

Ferocious dogs and a detachment of military guards would stand guard, watching over the waters to ensure no convicts escaped from Port Arthur. It was a vital link in the security system which operated throughout the Tasman and Forestier Peninsulas during the 1800s. Three lucky criminals made it past the line … hundreds didn’t. The

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Australia – A Language Of Its Own

Australia – A Language Of Its Own There is so much about Australia that makes it unique.Yes Australia , including a Language Of Its Own.  Growing up we explored our beaches, our bushland and added attitude to our Aussie lingo. With all the words out there unique to Australia, we could have our very own dictionary.

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A Special Place – Brisbane Australia

A Special Place – Brisbane Australia What is the city but the people?  ~William Shakespeare WOW what a special place we live in. With its gorgeous sunshine, meandering river, engaging history and with so many places to go and things to do, you are sure to fall for Brisbane.  Brisbane’s weather is sub-tropical, so yes

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Queensland’s Ancient Secret Unveiled

Do you love Dr Who!!!?? We do!!! Queensland’s Ancient Secret Unveiled. Did you know that in North Queensland, there is a place you probably haven’t heard of, but you certainly won’t want to miss, it can take you to another dimension. Undara Volcanic National Park will take you back in time.… Just like Dr Who!!! An Aboriginal

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