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The Best Travel Accessories for Women: Travelling Stylish Simplified

The best travel accessories for women The best travel accessories for women are those that help you look like a million bucks with a backpacker’s luggage space. In other words, travel accessories shouldn’t take up all the space you have in your luggage. Nor should they be so valuable that you’re constantly worried about losing

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How Australian Made Clothing Can Help You Save the Planet

Australian made clothing is what we’re all about. We’ve already shared 5 rock-solid, feel-great reasons to shop local, but here’s more… Australian made clothing can help you save the planet. That’s right. In our earlier post on shopping local, we’d touched upon how Australian-made clothing can be a great way to practice sustainable, earth-friendly living,

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Tops for Women: How to Choose the Best Top for Any Occasion

Tops for women are a wardrobe essential. A staple, a basic, if you must. However, just because a top or t-shirt is a staple, it doesn’t have to be boring. You can choose smartly and turn that basic into a style statement too. That’s right. Here’s how to choose the best top for any occasion

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Why Australian Made Gifts Add a Special Touch to Celebrations and Best Aussie Gift Sites to Shop From

Australian made gifts, like everything else that’s local, are truly Aussie in spirit and style.     Just like we pride ourselves on shopping local, we also take a lot of care in choosing gifts that reflect the Australian way of life, especially to those who’re new to the country or maybe haven’t visited here

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Australian Made Clothing: 5 Reasons to Shop Local

Australian made clothing is a way of life for us, here at Mulboo. We pride ourselves on sourcing and manufacturing clothing that’s stylish and shows your belief system as well. That’s right. How can shopping local reflect your belief system? How does what you wear symbolize what you value most? Let’s discover all of that

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Ready to build a Capsule Wardrobe?

How many times have you said to yourself  “I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?” It’s time to build a Capsule Wardrobe! So, what is a Capsule Wardrobe? you may be asking….. Capsule wardrobe is a term coined by Susie Faux, the owner of a London boutique called “Wardrobe” in the

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Online shopping for Gifts

Online shopping for Gifts, better than the crushing crowds at the shopping centres! Yep….. This time of year is exciting with all the festivities of the Christmas season getting underway ….. lights, trees, tinsel, impulse buys, cash registers ringing, the playing of Christmas carols, excited squeals from happy children…. but I also know that some

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Explore Australia ~ places you must see!!!

Why not Explore Australia on your next holiday? We have been busy compiling an ‘Explore Australia’  list of a few places that may be of interest when your planning your next holiday!!! So, to you ‘our international visitor’ or to you our ‘buggered Aussie local’ yearning for a break? We decided that it was about time

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Online Clothes Shopping Tips for Seniors

A Seniors’ Guide to Online Clothes Shopping: Choosing Clothing Stores on the Internet with Care   It’s well known that I love online clothes shopping for a variety of reasons, as described in this post earlier. However, it isn’t the case with everyone. Many of my friends, aged 60 and over, are wary of shopping

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Wide Leg Travelling Pants: A Wardrobe Essential for Women

Wardrobe Essentials 101: Women’s Wide-Leg Travelling Pants That Fit Fabulously I hope you’ve been enjoying this series on wardrobe essentials to help you create a wardrobe that’s you, stylish yet comfortable enough for everyday wear. So far, we’ve talked about workwear and the classic white shirt and how to style them with ease. Today, let’s

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Wardrobe Essentials Workwear for Working Mums

Wardrobe Essentials 101: Must-Have Workwear For Working Mums As a working mum, I know the importance of stocking up on wardrobe essentials for the office. However, there is always the danger of getting carried away and ending up with too much workwear. As someone who believes in simplifying and keeping life streamlined, I also believe

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Wardrobe Essentials how to rock the White T-Shirt

Dress Up a White T-Shirt: 5 Ways to Rock the Classic Mum Must-Have The white t-shirt. Every mum has one {or a hundred!} of these wardrobe essentials. It is the tee you throw on when you’re running late and need to reach school faster than ever. It is the t-shirt that you reach for when you

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Why I Think Online Clothes Shopping is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Ahh.. Online clothes shopping.. how do I love thee, let me count the ways! Well, am sure that made you either cringe or smile but my sentiment is simple- I think shopping for clothes online is the best thing since sliced bread. Period. Why? Read on! 1.Shopping for clothes without having to travel from the

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Everyday Style Tips and Gift Ideas for Women-on-the-Go

Do you ponder the question, “What to wear” every day? Does style mean complicated and time-consuming to you? Or something that only supermodels can pull together? Well, I have help for you right here! Lovely everyday style tips and gift ideas for women who’re on-the-go, busy and well, just short on time! 1.Accessorize Easily Accessories

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Online Clothes Shopping? Here’s How to Enjoy the Experience

Online clothes shopping has pretty much changed the way women and men shop for clothes. No longer do you have to drive an hour or longer to reach a store, hunt for parking, deal with snarky or pushy sales clerks and then, wait in queue at the trial room. And this is should you find

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Lord Howe Island – A Must See Destination!

Lord Howe Island – A Must See Destination! Imagine yourself lying on a golden sandy beach, sipping cocktails, the bright blue waters crashing in front of you while the clear sky opens the heavens above. There are thousands of amazing places to visit in Australia, but some of the best places to go are the

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Survival Tips for Summer Heat!

Summer! Do you love it or hate it? Here are some Survival Tips for Summer Heat! When you think of summer, what images come into your mind? Is it the idea of lying on a beach, swimming in a creek or just relaxing with your mates, a cold beer and a barbecue? No matter what

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Billabong Sanctuary

The Billabong Sanctuary in North Queensland If you love animals, you will be drawn to “Australia’s best interactive wildlife sanctuary”       At the Billabong Sanctuary you can get up close and personal with more than 100 species of native Australian mammals, birds and reptiles. Located in North Queensland, 17km from Townsville, the Billabong

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Guards vs Convicts – A Stunning Security Link In Tasmania

Ferocious dogs and a detachment of military guards would stand guard, watching over the waters to ensure no convicts escaped from Port Arthur. It was a vital link in the security system which operated throughout the Tasman and Forestier Peninsulas during the 1800s. Three lucky criminals made it past the line … hundreds didn’t. The

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Australia – A Language Of Its Own

Australia – A Language Of Its Own There is so much about Australia that makes it unique.Yes Australia , including a Language Of Its Own.  Growing up we explored our beaches, our bushland and added attitude to our Aussie lingo. With all the words out there unique to Australia, we could have our very own dictionary.

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