Australia – A Language Of Its Own

There is so much about Australia that makes it unique.Yes Australia , including a Language Of Its Own.  Growing up we explored our beaches, our bushland and added attitude to our Aussie lingo. With all the words out there unique to Australia, we could have our very own dictionary.

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Our “slanguage” not only shows our creativeness as a country, but also our laid back approach to living.
Did you know there are actually a range of slang words that are based on rhyming? Aussie slang is even often referred to as “the poetry of the people”!

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See if you can work out what these words stand for in the sentence?

· She’s a great “apple sauce” (horse)

· No “dalai lamas” here (dramas)

· How’s your little “blood blister”? (sister)

· Must hit the “frog and toad” (road)

· We need a few bottles of “honky tonk” (plonk – cheap wine)

· How’s the “trouble and strife”? (wife)

· I’ll have a “dog’s eye and a dead horse” (pie and sauce)

· Don’t get into any “froth and bubble” (trouble)

· Look at those “ham and eggs” (legs)

We also have plenty of non-rhyming slang words.

See if you can guess what these mean and leave a comment if you know the answers!

1. Ankle Biter

2. She’ll Be Apples

3. Arvo

4. Blue

5. Bonzer

6. Chunder

7. Coldie

8. Fruit Loop

9. Full as a goog

10. Gone walkabout

Anway , dead set, enough with the Yabba Yabba… don’t want to sound like a Yobbo!!!
Yep, we’re a crazy lot and we might not always make sense, but we sure know how to have a great time!

When the going gets tough and you are feeling like an Aussie battler . Don’t be a bludger, just get on with it.

She’ll be apples mate

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