Tops for Women: How to Choose the Best Top for Any Occasion

Mulboo Australian made tops for women

Tops for women are a wardrobe essential. A staple, a basic, if you must.

However, just because a top or t-shirt is a staple, it doesn’t have to be boring. You can choose smartly and turn that basic into a style statement too.

That’s right.

Here’s how to choose the best top for any occasion and look smart, chic and classy, with ease!

The Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Tops for Women on the Go

When you’re shopping for tops and t-shirts for yourself, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Comfort is key

As someone who dresses for both elegance and comfort and styles clothes accordingly, I place a premium on how an outfit makes you feel.

You can never feel 100% confident in an outfit that makes you feel uncomfortable.

A too-tight, too-short, too-anything fit can not only affect how you look, but also, how you feel.

So, when in doubt, choose comfort.

Again, comfort doesn’t have to mean sloppy or shabby.

One of the key features of our fitted t-shirts is that they’re super comfy but ultra-stylish too. So, you can get both style and comfort, if you look around a bit!

2. Choose tops that flatter your body type

Comfort and style are, both, linked to choosing clothes that flatter your body type.

So, if you’re apple-shaped, go for fabrics that skim the body, like soft, fluid silks and gentle cottons. Opt for darker, monochromatic colours that will make your top half look longer and slimmer.

Pear-shaped women will look stunning in tops that are fitted, like our famous fitted t-shirts in colours that flatter and designs that draw the attention towards the neck and not the lower half of the body.

3. Play with colours and prints

Once you find a style that fits well and flatters beautifully, play with colours and designs to add variety.

Experiment with dye washes, funky prints, trendy colours, and more.

Don’t forget to include a classic white fitted t-shirt in your selection, because that does go with pretty much everything you already own. Here’s how to rock the classic white shirt with ease.

4. Choose materials that last through the day

Finally and most importantly, I’d recommend choosing tops for women based on how well they wear and how easy they are to maintain. You don’t want to change your top thrice in the day because it’s wrinkled up after a snuggle fest with the kids or a trip to the coffee shop, right?

So, choose a top that is not only machine washable but also, wrinkle resistant. Yes, in case you’re wondering, our fitted tees do tick that box as well. We believe in walking our talk!

Okay, then, so here are the key tips to keep in mind when choosing tops for women who want the best of both comfort and style.

What tips can you add? Share with us in the comments below or join us on Facebook!

Australian made tops for women

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