Why Australian Made Gifts Add a Special Touch to Celebrations and Best Aussie Gift Sites to Shop From

Australian made gifts, like everything else that’s local, are truly Aussie in spirit and style.


Australian made gifts from Mulboo


Just like we pride ourselves on shopping local, we also take a lot of care in choosing gifts that reflect the Australian way of life, especially to those who’re new to the country or maybe haven’t visited here ever.

Here is why Australian made gifts are a must for every occasion that an Aussie attends:

1. Australian Made Gift Reflect Culture

First up, gifts that are made in Australia and reflect Aussie symbols are a great representation of our culture and history.

Whether it is the Kangaroo or the Tasmanian Devil, you can be sure that these truly Aussie symbols  strike a chord with the recipient who’s bound to appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the gift.

2. They Introduce People to Aussie Heritage

Aussie made gifts are a great way to introduce recipients to Australian heritage and history. After all, not every country has a history as rich and diverse as ours.

Plus, there are flora and fauna that are truly native only to Australia and showcasing those through gifts is a great way to bring a bit of Australian heritage into everyone’s lives.

3. They Support Local Businesses

Most importantly, when you buy Australian made gifts, you’re supporting local businesses. Most of these local businesses are small businesses, independent entrepreneurs, creating products that they truly believe in and love.

By supporting their businesses, you’re giving them the encouragement that they so badly need.

So, now that you know that Australian made gifts are truly a must-have and must-do, here are the top sites to shop from, when looking for the best Aussie gifts for any occasion and celebration:

Mulboo: Of course, we’re biased! We love our dog tag chains, our animal medallion necklaces and everything else, that showcases Australian life and living, just the way we love it.

Bits of Australia: I love this gorgeous, bright site that offers everything that has been designed and made in Australia. You’ll find stationery, kids gifts, homewares and more!!

Country Culture: This is a delightfully elegant, sophisticated site that shares a range of gifts, all Australian in spirit and style. From beautiful prints and art to luxurious cashmere and home décor gifts, you’d find them all.

Australian Choice: Another beautiful site that packs a powerful punch with a range of Aussie gifts and also, includes useful information about Australian history and heritage as well, such as words to the national anthem or learning to throw a boomerang!

online shopping for Australian made gifts

So, there you go. 3 reasons to buy Australian made gifts they next time you need something seriously special and 4 gorgeous sites to do your shopping from, right from the comfort of your home.

Perfect, isn’t it?!


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