Australian Made Clothing: 5 Reasons to Shop Local

How Australian Made Clothing Can Save Money AND the Planet

Australian made clothing is a way of life for us, here at Mulboo.

We pride ourselves on sourcing and manufacturing clothing that’s stylish and shows your belief system as well.

That’s right.

How can shopping local reflect your belief system?

How does what you wear symbolize what you value most?

Let’s discover all of that and more today.

Australian Made Clothing: The Secret to a Sustainable,Self-Aware Society

Here are 5 reasons why every Australian should shop local for their closets and everyday style:

1. Shopping local is supportive of small businesses


Most small businesses thrive because people shop locally. We’re no different. As a one-woman army, I pride myself in the attention to detail and the quality that every single piece receives.

No mass production, big box labeling here.

When you shop with us or any other small business, for that matter, you support us directly.

Not only that, you support creating jobs in the community and other small businesses from whom we source our raw material.

Can you see the immense impact your Aussie dollars have?

You aren’t buying a pair of comfy travel pants. You’re helping support families across Australia.

Doesn’t that feel just awesome?!

2. It’s a great way to practice earth-friendly, sustainable living


Shopping local AND online is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Not only do you save on fuel since you can shop from the comfort of your home, but since we’re proudly Australian, we source everything locally too, thanks to your support. Yes, this means, less transportation for OUR raw material too and therefore, less contribution to pollution and congestion.

3. You embrace the culture and values of Australia


Every country tells a story and Australia is rich with history and culture. Shopping local helps you embrace that.

Whether you choose a Kookaburra dog tag chain or a Taz Devil medallion necklace, shopping local gives you a chance to not only wear your Aussie heart proudly but also, share it with others!

You wouldn’t find one-of-a-kind pieces that are characteristic of small, locally-based businesses in big box stores.

4. It’s pocket-friendly too


Since we source locally, we’re able to keep costs low EVEN with a stringent emphasis on quality. Shopping local helps you to support us in doing that.

So, you get products, like ours, that are not only excellent quality but incredible value for money too! Win-win-win!!

5. You help create a strong sense of community


Finally, and most importantly, shopping local lets you build a stronger Australian community by strengthening the economy, providing jobs and overall, improving the sense of well-being in a community.

Yes, each time you shop for t-shirt with us, you’re doing all that and more.  In an industry that’s rife with an abuse of basic human rights, we pride ourselves on making a positive impact, one thread at a time.

You know exactly where your clothing is coming from, who made it and what it’s made of.

Australian made clothing is more than just smart and comfy. It’s a money-saving, planet-protecting way of life too

According to this eye-opening article on ethical clothes shopping by,

“61% of companies do not know where their garments are manufactured; 76% not know where their garments are weaved, knitted and dyed; 93% do not know where their cotton is sourced from”

Put simply, buying local is a way of life that can go a long way in helping you create a far-reaching positive impact, save money and protect the planet.


Are you stocking your closet with Australian made clothing yet?

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